EA's 2016-2017 Catalog is Available!  ... - Learn More

EA's 2016-2017 Catalog is Available!  ... - Learn More

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2016-2017 Programs and Services Catalog is now available!
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Our Mission: To provide key employer services and information in support of talent and workforce development.
Our Vision: To be the leading employer's resource in West Michigan.

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Whether it is a one-time situation or time-consuming day-to-day concerns; employers need up-to-date, comprehensive, information to effectively manage their human talent and stay abreast of pertinent business issues. To help members keep pace with the changing complexities and implement best practices, we at EA provide “Hotline assistance,” enews and alerts, samples policies and programs, survey data, training and development, professional group forums and the on-going assistance of our professional staff.

The primary goal of EA is to provide organizations with the information they need, the training they require and the direct help they request.

Employers Association of West Michigan provides members the power of professional association opportunities.