The Assessments we offer are validated for selection and provide sound data for decision-making and include in-depth interview guides. We have tools for development that include excellent training and managerial guides.

Offering tools for hiring, development, training needs analysis and succession planning.  We have a variety of validated tests for entry level and executive candidates.  The tests we use provide thorough applicant reports and interview guides; manager reports and development strategies.

EA Testing Guide

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Leadership Assessment Skills Available
Supervisory SMP/SMS and more! Team building, Initiative, Situational Style of Interaction, Problem Solving, Influence, Decision Making, Adapting to Change, Managing Others, Relationship Management, Integrity, Motivating Others DVD at EA
Executive, Sales Management Assess, Assess 360 and various others Visioning, In-Depth Problem Solving, Championing Change, Driving for Results, Influencing, Persuading, Managing Others, Organizational Savvy, Critical Thinking, Business Acumen, Integrity,  Presentation Skills, Logical Reasoning, Emotional Maturity.  Internet/PC
Customer Service, Sales Assessment Skills Available
Management/Sales Assess & Assess 360 (See Video Below) Thinking, intellectual abilities, Energy level, coaching performance, resilience Internet/PC
Sales Person Salesmax Confident sales presence optimistic, sociable, developing positive, motivated, assertive Internet Link
Entry Sales/Customer Service Select Personality Characteristics, job commitment, integrity, arithmetic levels 1 and 2, ability to read graphs and charts and coding Internet/PC