Safety Resources

We have a wide variety of sample programs and tools. We partner with MIOSHA to bring several programs and resources to West Michigan. Checkout the extensive online training library with comprehensive learning management systems.

Hotline Assistance

Call when you have any questions regarding safety management standards, policies or practices.  We will provide appropriate support documentation, forms and samples, as well as survey data on how other companies handle various situations such as accident reporting, drug testing, personal protective equipment, and more.

Safety Roundtable

Whether you are just starting out or looking for resources to stay current on best safety practices, the safety roundtable provides a monthly discussion forum to discuss compliance and share sample programs, training and other resources.


Workplace Fitness

We are pleased to offer the following injury prevention and early intervention services. Services are menu-based so that companies may tailor fit resources based on their objectives and internal resources to drive results in areas that directly impact employer’s bottom-line.

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The Employers Association is proud to partner with two great consulting groups; Philips and Affiliates and Schneider Risk Management.  They will provide discounted training and consulting for EA members; but more importantly their vast experience will provide practical assistance.  We recommend both groups for new projects that need outside eyes and expertise; train new people or review and update current programs; and to efficiently tackle those projects that keep piling up. Working with these two great resources you will be confident that programs are up-to-date and manageable.  Just contact Lisa Sabourin for details and contact information.


We are a premier provider for:

MIOSHA MTI certification courses

Click here to see upcoming MIOSHA MTI courses.

Click here for the 2021 Programs and Services Catalog


eSafety has been a long-time partner with the Employers Association in bringing an online training solution to companies looking to train and track their employees. With two training solution options, you can now train your employees, manage your third-party contractors, or do both through the eSafety LMS. At its core, eSafety strives to be easy to use and easy to administer so you can focus on what matters: keeping your employees safe.

eSafety Training

  • Schedule training from our 60+ course library, written by professionals in their field to be compliant with Federal Regulations at the General Awareness, General Industry Level standard.
  • Upload custom content for site-specific training that can be scheduled and reported on alongside eSafety training courses.
  • Have the flexibility to assign training for the entire company, specific departments, or individual users based on your company needs.
  • Run reports in real-time or set up auto reports to keep your whole team informed.

eSafety Contractor

  • Collect required documents, like Certificates of Insurance, Licenses and Work Permits, all online and easy to report on.
  • Upload site-specific material for training so contractor users arrive on-site ready to work!
  • Designate a Contractor Admin at each Contractor Company to be your point person for submitting documentation and managing their contractor employees.
  • Run reports in real-time or set up auto reports to keep both you, the Host Company, and all your Contractor Companies up-to-date and compliant.

We’re a good fit for you if:

  • Your organization has limited time and resources to create and maintain training material.
  • You have employees located at remote locations or on multiple shifts, making classroom training hard to coordinate and schedule.
  • You would have difficulty organizing and presenting you training records to an OSHA auditor.
  • You are paying overtime for training.
  • Your training programs could use upgrading by safety professionals.

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