Partners & Other Programs

Our Mission: To provide key employer services and information in support of talent and workforce development.
Our Vision: To be the leading employer's resource in West Michigan.

BRT - Business Resource Team

The Muskegon BRT is a Business Outreach Program comprised of several local, regional, and state organizations who educate local businesses as to various programming, incentives, and services available to help them stay and grow in Muskegon County. The BRT is a one-stop source assisting companies with their business concerns and connecting them to applicable resources.

Learn more about BRT here:

HR Certification Institute (HRCI)

HRCI is the premier organization that provides HR credentials for professionals who have demonstrated expertise in the field. As a part of the Employers Association of America, we, the Employers Association of West Michigan holds an alliance with this organization. EA partners with HRCI to promote HRCI certifications like PHR, SPRH, and aPHR. Many of our courses, meetings, seminars, and conferences provide credits to these certifications.

Access Health

The Employers Association is excited to partner with Access Health through their CHI Program to focus on improving the health of the employee population. The program is based on working in partnership with Access Health to better the health of your employees, their families, and the community as a whole. The program is menu based, effective, and results driven.

For more information visit: or contact our office at 231-759-0916!

CUP - Health

CUP- Health is not your traditional EAP Service Provider. Dedicated to a hands-on approach, through on-site services, accessibility, and locality; CUP-Health will deliver results. They offer everything from counseling and intervention, to substance abuse recognition, and educational courses. EA believes in what CUP-Health can do for our members, and we are excited to partner with them in order to provide you discounted rates on their services.

Learn more about CUP-Health at:


Philips & Affiliates

Preferred partner for safety consulting and training. When contacting Philips and Affiliates tell them EA referred you to receive your discounted rates.

Contact Sandy Philips at 231-327-4765 or

Schneider Risk Management

SRM is a Preferred Partner for safety and environmental compliance consulting and training.  SRM’s goal is to help you manage your regulatory risks using strategies that fit your needs and operations.  When you call SRM let them know EA referred you to receive your discounted rates!

Contact Bill Schneider at (231) 288-1076 or visit our website


Muskegon Area First

Muskegon Area First is your first stop for economic development services on the Muskegon Lakeshore. They are a countywide economic development corporation focused on leveraging public and private investment to accelerate business growth and the creation of high-quality employment opportunities in Muskegon County. Founded in 1999 by area business and governmental leaders, Muskegon Area First is the lead agency for economic development projects in the area. If you are looking to expand or buy a new facility in Muskegon County please contact them for information on location opportunities and any possible services or incentives offer by the state, city or township. For more information visit

Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce

Servicing business is the top priority for the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce. They can set the foundation for you to grow your business with the following services:

  • A setting and environment in which you can network and expand your personal and professional connections
  • Low-cost marketing and training opportunities
  • Promotion of your business and the community through our website and media activities
  • We will advocate for your business at every opportunity

For more information visit

Second Act

Through a matchmaking process, EA's partner Second Act, connects seniors and retirees with employers looking for a proven professional to fill a need, take on projects, or mentor young talent. They take the time to make personal connections and highlight skills and experiences that employers are seeking.


Learn more about Second Act through their website: