EA's 2017-2018 Catalog is Available!  ... - Learn More

EA's 2017-2018 Catalog is Available!  ... - Learn More

Membership Application

Our Mission: To provide key employer services and information in support of talent and workforce development.
Our Vision: To be the leading employer's resource in West Michigan.

Company Information:

Periodically we request a "Labor Report" to verift the number of employees on active payroll for given dates. This information is requested to keep employment statistics current. Request for "Labor Reports" should be addressed to the attention of:

Our firm was established in:

Mailing Address:

Physical Address (if different from above)

Employees - We have (number of):

Union information:

Invoice & Contact Infomration:

Invoices for membership assessments should be mailed to the attention of:

The following correspondence should be addressed to the individual(s) listed below:

Survey Information

For surveys you would like to participate in, please indicate the name of the person who should receive the Questionnaire and the name person(s) authorized to receive the results report. NOTE: If the survey indicated would not be of interest to you, please indicate N/A.

Supervisors Salary


Office Salaries

Hourly Rates/Prod., etc.

Bank/Financial (only)

Tool & Die Shop (only)

Chemical Operators (only)

Holiday Closings (Plant Shut-downs)

Auto Mileage

Annual Wage Adjustment

Policies, Practices and Benefits

Member Record Form

Upon becoming a member of the Employers Association of West Michigan we will need updated information about your employees. Please download the Membership Update Form, fill it out and email it to eawm@eawm.net.