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Please note – information on this page is for informational purposes and should not be regarded as legal counsel.  Samples, services and products have not been endorsed or vetted by EA .  Every organization has unique circumstances and use parameters and should vet for their own use and consult legal counsel as warranted.

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Summer COVID Check-In on Zoom

We will do a monthly zoom call through the summer to check in on all COVID-19 related issues. This will be a 30-45 minute call on the 1st Thursday at 8:30am. Click below to register at no charge.

Thursday July 1, 2021

Thursday August 5, 2021

Please Note: the format of this page has changed.  It has been arranged in accordion-style, simply click the + next to a topic to expand for specific information.

Current Rules Guiding Employer Response to COVID Issues:

The Governor announced reopening and rescinding orders/guidelines early on 6/22.  We have been given notice that MIOSHA will soon announce they will rescind the Emergency Rules effective 6/22.  Please keep in mind we do still have Public Acts 238 and 339 that mandate how employers handle, symptoms, exposure, quarantine, etc.  We will send more information 6/21.

EEOC Issues Updated COVID-19 Technical Assistance.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission posted updated and expanded technical assistance related to COVID-19 pandemic, addressing questions arising under the federal equal employment opportunity laws. The EEOC also posted a new resource for job applicants and employees, explaining how federal employment discrimination laws protect workers during the pandemic.

MIOSHA has filed updated COVID-19 Emergency Rules in accordance with the MI Vacc to Normal plan and recent health guidelines and orders.

View Workplace Safety FAQ Here

Employers should update their Pandemic Preparedness Plan per your new procedures based on what you must still be doing and some compliance you may choose to discontinue.  Here are some great resources as you work through what may be best for your organization.  Please contact Lisa Sabourin if you have questions or would like suggestions on what other employers are doing.

MI Governor’s Vacc to Normal Plan loosening rules based on vaccination percentages

  • MI COVID-19 Employment Rights Act (ERA) that amended PA 238 with rules regarding employees that test positive, have symptoms or have bee exposed to COVID

Click here to see ERA (Senate Bill 1258) – Changes to PA 238
Click here to watch Miller Johnson’s Webinar on COVID 19 Employment Rights Act

Interested in Administering Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Tests

EA is hosting a COVID Testing Training for Employers through Public Health – Muskegon County. You will be trained to administer the Rapid Antigen COVID tests to your employees at your facility. To learn more please contact Trena Gould


The following is protocol for essential employers to register their company so that their employees may receive vaccination:

The vaccination clinic at Shape is now public and any interested individual may schedule at the link below. Employers are encouraged to share with employees.

Individuals who believe they personally apply because

Other resources:

Testing Resources

  • MERCY Health has testing for those without a Primary Care Physician (PCP) at Hackley at the Lakes site.  Those without a PCP and need a test may call 231-672-2491. 
  • Walgreens and some churches have rapid tests available

Current Employer Vaccination Incentive Poll: We took a poll on Vaccination Incentives. Some companies are offering up to 2 hours of paid time to go get the vaccine during work hours. Other companies are giving credit towards their wellness plan for getting the vaccine. Some companies are doing a monthly raffle for a gift card, the sooner you get the vaccine the more chance you have to win the gift card.

MIOSHA Emergency Rules Extended until 10/14/21

More specific information and resources

Updated Mask Policies

COVID-19 Fully Vaccinated Mask Update

Mask Update Language

COVID-19 Policy Update on Masks


MIOSHA has filed updated COVID-19 Emergency Rules in accordance with the MI Vacc to Normal plan and recent health guidelines and orders. These updated Emergency Rules will give workers and businesses the clarity and confidence they need to bring our economy back to full strength.

Return to Office Workgroup Recommendations

In light of all the press regarding MIOSHA imposing fines we spoke to MIOSHA CET and was reassured:

“If employers look at the ambassador assessment and at the sample plan, they do go hand in hand. If they follow the example Covid-19 Preparedness and Response sample plan, the assessment is just assurance that they are doing what they say they are going to do.”

MIOSHA FAQs – including update information on entry screening.

COVID & Entrance/Access Protocols Mini-Survey Report

See the sections on “sample pandemic plans” and “work remote work plans” below.


Workplace Preparedness Plans

Workplace Preparedness – Reminder to update your your plan with information on vaccination

MIOSHA Samples

Sample tools and plans from members:

Please note – information on this page and particularly in this section has been shared by others; it has not been endorsed or vetted by EA for use.  This is for informational purposes and should not be regarded as legal counsel.  Every organization has unique circumstances and use parameters and should vet for their own use and  and consult with legal counsel when warranted.

Some have begun using an a symptom checker app from the State of Michigan – click here

Suggested brands for temperature screening;

  • TRC from 5/8 call uses the following Thermometers IR Thermometer and iHealth PT3,
  • Jumper Thermal Scanner -recommended many sources on internet.

Remote Work Resources and Samples

MIOSHA, as of 5/24/21 has rescinded it’s remote work mandate from the Emergency rules in accordance with the Governor’s Vacc to Normal plan and CDC guidelines.

The following are guidelines from Federal Agencies on Telework

Webinar on rules requiring Remote Work from Miller Johnson

Sample Policies:

Work Search Requirements for Unemployment Reinstated

The Unemployment Insurance Agency has reinstated work search requirements for unemployment benefit claimants. The requirement to search for work in order to receive unemployment benefits had been suspended since March 2020 to help the increased volume of hardworking Michiganders who faced unemployment due to the pandemic.

21 States now Cancelling Federal Unemployment

Read more here


MI Unemployment Update

According to state law, some temporary expansions in unemployment eligibility and cost-sharing applicable to state unemployment claims expired on March 31, 2021. Click Here to read more from Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity.

Federal Unemployment Update

The American Rescue Plan (ARPA) has extended Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PAU) on a federal level, so an employee who is out for a 10- or 14-day isolation or quarantine period should still be eligible for unemployment benefits. Click here to see more.

With the new extension of FFCRA tax credits in the American Rescue Plan (ARPA), you may “voluntarily” provide paid leave and receive tax credits if you meet the criteria:

The ARPA resets the 10-day limit for the tax credit for paid sick leave beginning April 1, 2021, and increases the cap of eligible expanded family and medical leave wages per employee from $10,000 to $12,000. It also expands the definition of qualifying paid leave to include leave taken to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination, recover from any injury, disability, illness or condition related to the COVID-19 vaccine, or seek or await the results of a COVID-19 test due to exposure or employer request. Notably, it also expands the definition of qualifying expanded family and medical leave to include all of the qualifying reasons for paid sick leave. Finally, the ARPA’s revisions to the FFCRA include a nondiscrimination rule requiring that employers cannot claim the tax credits if the paid leave provided to employees discriminates in favor of highly compensated or full-time employees or based on length of employment.

If you choose to voluntarily provide these benefits please note that you may provide just the 10 days sick pay; just the expanded FMLA or both. You may also discontinue at any time with some advanced notice to employees.
Please use the this  Updated FFCRA leave form for extension 4/1 – 9/30; this is for employees to document the need for leave. 

Current Employer Pole: At the last HR meeting we took a poll: about 25% have stopped providing these benefits. Another 25% are only providing the sick pay not the expanded FMLA and many said they were likely to discontinue once everyone had the opportunity to be vaccinated. Many employers would like to avoid the abuse we saw last summer when people took 2 weeks off due to “supposed exposure. ” Most are inclined to provide the sick pay in order to keep sick people out of the workplace, particularly during spikes.