EA's 2016-2017 Catalog is Available!  ... - Learn More

EA's 2016-2017 Catalog is Available!  ... - Learn More


The Assessments we offer are validated for selection and provide sound data for decision-making and include in-depth interview guides. We have tools for development that include excellent training and managerial guides.

Offering tools for hiring, development, training needs analysis and succession planning.  We have a variety of validated tests for entry level and executive candidates.  The tests we use provide thorough applicant reports and interview guides; manager reports and development strategies.

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Leadership Assessment Skills Available
Supervisory SMP/SMS Team building, initiative, Situational style of interaction, Problem solving, influence DVD at EA
Executive, Sales Management Assess & Assess 360 Decisive judgment, team management work and collaboration, energy level, follow-through, resilience Internet/PC
Customer Service, Sales Assessment Skills Available
Management/Sales Assess & Assess 360 Thinking, intellectual abilities, Energy level, coaching performance, resilience Internet/PC
Sales Person Salesmax Confident sales presence optimistic, sociable, developing positive, motivated, assertive Internet Link
Entry Sales/Customer Service Select Personality Characteristics, job commitment, integrity, arithmetic levels 1 and 2, ability to read graphs and charts and coding Internet/PC