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Leaders-Core Competencies 6 Part Series

January 16 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Are you grappling with any of these issues?

  • It’s harder and harder to attract new employees – and keep them, regardless of where they fall on the organization chart
  • Baby Boomers and younger generation are all colliding in the workplace, each bringing different like  experiences and challenges on how to lead them.
  • Performance Management, one of our trusted processes, isn’t working as well as hoped and it’s foundation is starting to crumble
  • Trust – in organizations and leaders – is at an all-time low
  • Employee engagement continues to be a problem without an easy solution
  • It isn’t business as usual as mergers and acquisitions shape and reshape our companies and many of our  organizations are not local anymore; we’re opening plants overseas, we’re expected to successfully navigate cross-cultural expectations

Have leaders ever had so much change to absorb and so much to do to meet today’s and tomorrow’s demands?

All leaders – from manufacturing team leaders, supervisors and managers – share the need for a set of fundamental skills that will increase their effectiveness as they work to accomplish more through the contributions of others.

EA is offering a series of classes to ensure leaders at every level have the foundational skills to lead your  organization.

Communicating for Leadership Success
Prerequisite Course
Date: 1/16/18

Today’s leaders are expected to do more with less, engage people with various levels of work experience, and connect with employees from multiple generations.

To get results through others, leaders need strong interpersonal skills that will help them through a variety of challenges and opportunities. Communicating effectively and consistently is the fundamental skill leaders need to master to increase their effectiveness in any situation.

This workshop introduces:

  • The Interaction Skills, a straightforward tool for thinking about how to communicate under a variety of situations.
  • The 5 Key Principles, which help leaders de-code the variety of personalities in the workplace to maintain effectiveness under any circumstance.

Building and Sustaining Trust
Prerequisite: Communicating for Leadership Success

What does trust have to do with business success? Everything. Employee engagement, retention productivity, and innovation are directly tied to how much your employees trust their leaders. Trust drives results.

Leaders who demonstrate trust and trustworthiness inspire higher levels of performance and organizational commitment. And they serve as role models for leaders at other levels, strengthening the entire leadership team for the organization.

This workshop introduces Trust Builders, actions leaders can take to build and sustain trusting relationships, as well as common Trust Breakers that can quickly erode and break trust.

Setting Goals and Reviewing Results
Prerequisite: Communicating for Leadership Success

There’s a seismic shift underway in your work place:

  • Leaders need to meet the expectations of younger employees who want clear direction and regular, frequent feedback, and
  • The time-honored process of performance management is under the microscope as HR wrestles with the enormous amount of time it takes to administer the process, handle complaints from both leaders and employees, and question the value of the process and tools.

Whether you’re thinking about changing your performance management process or not, leaders will continue to play the most important role in setting goals and objectives with employees and engaging them in the evaluation process.

This workshop helps leaders engage employees in the performance cycle and take ownership of results. Leaders will learn how to set SMART objectives to help them and their employees track progress and fairly evaluate results.

Delegating with Purpose
Prerequisite: Communicating for Leadership Success

Leaders who believe it’s their job to get results through the work of others have a secret weapon that they might not even know about. Delegation!

Delegation is more than making assignments. It’s a way to gain commitment of employees, develop their skills, enhance their capabilities and make meaningful contributions to their teams and companies.

But delegation comes with some risk – how do leaders know once they’ve delegated that it will get done the way they expect?

During this workshop, leaders will learn to identify the tasks they need to delegate, select the most appropriate individuals, assess capabilities and commitment, and plan the delegation discussion. This discussion includes how much decision-making authority to delegate, amount of support needed, and the way to monitor progress and results.

Coaching for Peak Performance
Prerequisite: Communicating for Leadership Success

Leaders’ ability to engage Millennials begins and ends with coaching. For this younger generation that’s looking for meaningful work and the opportunity to develop, leaders who coach for performance and improvement can create high-performing employees that get results – and are more likely to stay with their organizations.

But it’s not just the Millennials who need coaching and feedback – all employees at all stages in their careers benefit from timely coaching that supports them through challenging assignments or simply helps them stay on track and improve their performance.

During this workshop, participants will learn three coaching techniques as well as how to handle both proactive and reactive coaching discussions.

Resolving Workplace Conflict
Prerequisite: Communicating for Leadership Success

Leaders can do all the right things – build trust, communicate clearly and with impact, set clear goals and provide feedback, coach, and delegate – and they can still be faced with conflict. It’s a by-product of the fast pace in our organizations – and the need to increase productivity, improve quality, shorten cycle time, and reduce costs.

But here’s the thing – not all conflict is bad. Some healthy conflict can lead to new ideas and innovation. But if conflict gets out of hand, it can damage working relationships and have a negative impact on a leader’s ability to get results.

During this workshop, leaders will learn how to recognize the signs of escalating conflict and take appropriate action to minimize damage. They will learn two resolution tactics as they practice resolving a conflict.

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January 16, 2018
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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